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(no subject)  
04:21pm 04/04/2007
Never Trust A Friend!

As soon as I turn eighteen, I'm applying to be a Suicide Girl.

mood: artisticartistic
music: Power of Moonlite - Tiger Army
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(no subject)
10:39pm 06/04/2007 (UTC)
really, why?
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(no subject)
11:03pm 06/04/2007 (UTC)
Never Trust A Friend!
I would like to do this because I really love pin up girls, and have always wanted to be one. Not like Playboy or any of that bullshit, but artistic pictures that make my body look beautiful. I'm not perfect, but I'm beautiful. I'd like to show that off to people. That's why. Of course...maybe the venue for that is not SG, but perhaps something else, I don't know yet.
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(no subject)
09:07am 07/04/2007 (UTC)
SG is owned by playboy, or is advertised on playboy, one of the two.
And I've seen some pictures from that site, and its just normal 'playboy poses' with some bollocks tattoos and piercings and unnaturaly coloured hair..

And yes, you are beautiful, and none of us are perfect, but thats no reason to think you have to expose yourself and be adored.

But i guess its your choice so good luck for ya, and think about it :)
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