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02:52pm 08/05/2007
Never Trust A Friend!
Gah! Time Again is playing tonight, and I probably can't go, which SUCKS. I've been looking forward to it for a few weeks now and missing it just blows. 

My AP English exam is on thursday, FUCK.

Friday is a ridiculous fucking awards ceremony at school, which I'm DREADING with all of my being. 

For the later half of the day friday, I'm probably skipping with Hope.

Then, just more and more ridiculous shit just piling up. My dog is dead, which is still shitty. I have to take that fucking exam which I paid $40 to take (and I'm definitely going to fail it). Then hearing everyone talking about Prom every fucking minute makes me want to rip my ears off. It's a fucking dance, just like every other one you've ever been to.  Then I have to go to the fucking doctor's this month for fucking phsyicals for my college bullshit, and I fucking can't stand my doctor. She's ignorant and stupid, and usually I just want to slap her fat face. JESUS H. CHRIST ON A CRUTCH somebody come kill me.

I'm going to go put more studs on my vest, at least it'll take my mind off of all this shit.
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